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Welcome to our Awesome CIC Teachers!

Inventor Registration for CIC Finals on May 4, is OPEN!

This is the CIC Teacher Registration Portal where you register your school for the CIC program and later, the students selected to attend the CIC State Final Event. (There will be NO CIC Regional events this year.) The portal is only available to CIC Teachers, not parents. 

Tutorial "How to Use CIC's Inventor Registration System"  - Indicate Gender for each student to increase their chances of being considered for a gender-specific award. (Male, Female, and any student identifying as either Male or Female.)

WHY? - many students' names are gender-neutral; sponsors previewing entries are not able to easily identify candidates for their awards and they don't want to MISS anyone!

Use this registration portal to:

  • Register your school for the CIC Program by December 31, 2018* 
  • Between February 15 and March 30, 2019, register your students selected to move on to the CIC State Final Event**
  • Download a Photo/Video/Social Media Permission Form for each student to give to their parent(s)
  • Manage your account profile information

Photo/Video/Social Media permission form must be signed and presented to the Inventor Check-in table at UCONN on May 4, 2019, by the parent(s)/guardian(s) before the inventor is allowed into the CIC Final Event venue. This is the student's entry ticket to the event.

No exceptions will be made as CIC can not accept responsibility for students' participation in our event without prior parent permission.  

Important Reminders:
*Payments for school/district program registration fees are due in full by January 31, 2019.
Student Registration Fee for the CIC State Finals Event is $45 per student, payable by the parents by credit card, or by the school by credit card or check and are due in full by April 20, 2019.

Please note: If you are a school employee who is not teaching the CIC program, but is registering your school or more than one school, on behalf of the CIC program teacher(s), you should give us the teachers names and email addresses during registration so they get all the information that is important to the success of their program, including the link to the CIC Curriculum. This link, along with important program information, is sent only after the school registration has been submitted by you and approved by CIC.  If you are the person registering the school or schools, you will also be the person to register ALL the students for the CIC State Final Event. 

Tutorial "How to Use CIC's School Registration System"  

CIC accepts payment from schools by credit card or checks on invoice. Parents can pay using a credit card. 

CIC's Policy in support of Public Act No. 16-189: Student Data Privacy

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